Monday, February 3, 2014

The sound of silence

I now have laryngitis. I feel great, I sound horrible. Dylan was confused as to why I couldn't talk and kept saying, "Mama, you just need to talk louder!" Having to whisper has made me realize just how much I yell around here. I yell when the dogs are barking, when Dylan is chasing them, when they are getting into something in the kitchen. Today I couldn't yell and although the dogs were insane, Dylan obeyed every whisper. Maybe raising my voice isn't the answer to stop a boy in his tracks when he is getting in trouble.

We had another snowstorm today and school was cancelled.

We did our usual snow in the house thing that the kids adore.


Kate was so funny eating the snow like an ice cream cone.

Sean is home from work early and playing in blanket forts with the kids. Kate's hair is sticking straight up from the static. It's pretty adorable.