Sunday, February 2, 2014

The end of football season!

I always think of my adorable niece and nephew on Groundhog's Day. They were about three and four-years-old and we were watching the Super Bowl together that night. This is their groundhog song.

I feel bad for Sean every year at Super Bowl time. This is his Christmas, his Holy Grail, and for me it signifies the glorious end of having to watch a torturously boring sport every Sunday for months. We took the kids to the park and for a hike at around noon and Sean joked that he was sacrificing the pregame show. I guess I don't understand football. There's a six-hour show before the game even starts? Anyway, we had a nice time at the park even if it was raining.


Today was the first day since Thursday that I'm feeling half alive again. I must've had the flu because I ran every symptom across the flu spectrum from fevers to chills to vomiting to coughing. This morning I coughed up blood--an effect of coughing so hard over the last four days--and I instantly felt better. It was as if I had coughed out my infection. I'm still coughing but nothing like I was before and I have enough strength to walk around and my appetite is back in time for all of this football junkfood. When we saw the kids' doctor last week he mentioned that they either had a touch of RSV or a lesser version of the flu since they both had their flu shots. I always get my flu shot. Every year. Well guess who didn't get her flu shot this year and came down with the flu? This girl. And not only did I get the flu but I got double pink eye. My eyes were sealed shut and my ears were clogged. Helluva few days. But I'm feeling fantastic in comparison now.

So the Super Bowl. Sean predicts 23-17 Seattle and I've got 17-14 Broncos although he knows what he's talking about and I'm just shooting in the dark. Our house is a Giants household so we've got nothing invested in this game. I asked Sean the other day if we were going to even bother watching it. He looked at me and said, "Are you kidding? When I was seventeen I decided that I was going to live as long as I could so that I can see as many Super Bowls as possible in my lifetime." Man, I wish I understood why people love football so much. I'm happy for Sean on his big game day and his happiness is all that matters.

I raided the closets and found orange "football" clothes for the kids so tonight they are rooting for the Broncos. They liked dressing up and will get to see about an hour of the game before bedtime. Although I'm not sure Dylan quite understands football either. He asked me when we were going in the "super ball". Close enough.


So for all of you football fans out there, I hope you enjoy your big day. May your bellies be full, your rides home be safe, and your teams win.