Tuesday, February 4, 2014

The missing shovel

I caught this one getting into trouble this morning while Dylan was at school.

Pops heard my lack of voice when he called yesterday and offered to take Dylan to and from school for me so I could stay home and recoup from this flu bug. When he brought the little man home he also brought donuts and fancy bath soaps for me to help me feel better. Yep, my father-in-law is awesome.

We found Dylan's missing shovel in the yard! We were playing with it out back a few days ago and yesterday's storm buried it so the three of us were outside in the dark digging for Dylan's shovel when Sean came home from work last night. We didn't find it and Dylan was bummed he couldn't help shovel the driveway. So our goal today was to find that shovel before tomorrow's snowstorm.


He was so proud when he found it and immediately dumped a shovelful of snow on Kate's head. She wasn't pleased.


But that's what brothers are for, right?


Dylan yelled from across the yard, "Mom, can we take a load off, Fanny?" I feel like maybe I'm doing an OKay job raising my boy when he starts quoting The Band. I asked him to repeat what he had just said so I could get it on video but he was too busy working and he wouldn't say it again.

Swinging made Kate forget that she was snow-covered.


Then we went sledding for a few minutes.


Two times up and down a tiny hill...

And then Kate climbed off.


And after Dylan was done eating some "winter glass", as he called it, we went inside for some tomato soup and crackers.


Afterwards we played some Candy Land. Dylan said, "I'll be the candy, you can be the land." He cracks me up.