Tuesday, January 21, 2014

Stir crazy

I thought today would never end. Snowed in with two sick kids and three fresh dogs. Kate wouldn't let me put her down and when I did she cried endlessly. Dylan wanted to run miles and get out his boy energy and so he chased the dogs who in turn also agreed with me that today needed to be over with as soon as possible.

She's getting better, though. She's not coughing as much and now it's just wheezy breathing and a constant runny nose.


We made Taco Soup last night. It's one of our favorites and extremely easy. I ate the leftovers today for lunch by mixing it in with my cheese quesadilla--another favorite kid-approved staple 'round these parts--added some cream cheese, and it was to die for. Dylan loves to cook so we involve him in dinner prep every night. Kate was happy to just be held as we cooked. And really, this recipe involves very little cooking and more just hodgepodging the ingredients and waiting.

Taco Soup

(We use ground turkey and tomatoes without green chilis and it's still pretty spicy)


We hung a TV in the kids' playroom last night, mostly for selfish reasons: I was tired of transporting a hundred toys from the living room to the playroom every night and I also wouldn't mind not having to watch the same favorite kid movies on repeat when I did work around the house. Plus it's nice to have Pandora playing while they play.


And after watching too many movies we did our usual play with snow in the house thing.


I left the kids in the living room to play as I vacuumed the den and suddenly I felt something hit my leg and Dylan was yelling, "SNOWBALL FIGHT!!!!!!"

Boy, was I glad when Sean came home.


I was planning on having some alone time tonight as Sean braved the snow to pick up my mother from the airport--he insisted--but Kate is surprisingly awake and playing in the laundry basket as I watch Downton Abbey. I don't mind her company especially since she is not crying to be picked up, and her medicine makes her a bit hyper.


She cracks me up. She's showing off now with her standing and suddenly she's climbing into laundry baskets. She doesn't seem a bit tired. She's settling in my lap now so I'll say goodnight.