Thursday, January 23, 2014

New toy

We woke up and played piano today. I love that they love to play.

And then Dylan asked me to play Baby It's Cold Outside so here's a video of Kate singing and clapping along to that.

I started getting interested in music at age three so I'm hoping Dylan and Kate might follow in my musical footprints. Kate, although still sick, is much better today.


On our travels today we stopped at Target and found this Dodge Viper on sale for 70% off. Originally $179.99, it was marked down to $53. And I know we just bought a ridiculously cool power ride-on for Christmas and we already have way too many bikes and outdoor toys, but $50? When would we ever see that again. Plus this one fits in the back of my car so I can load it up and let the kids drive it around at parks and at friends' houses.


Some of Dylan's friends went and scored this deal, too, so we'll have a little army of ride-on riders with their wheels. Spring is going to be so fun!

Dylan loved to use the box as a fort.


And Dylan is aching to get this puppy on the road. Sadly, I doubt it will fare well on snow and ice. So he settled for honking the horn as much as possible tonight.


Happy almost Friday, everyone!