Saturday, January 25, 2014

That boy

Dylan was having a hard time listening yesterday. He was playing in the front yard as I put Kate in the car and when I called for him to get in the car he ran in every direction through the snow without coming over to the car. When he finally got in the car I explained to him that I was cross and he replied, "But Mom, I was being a train and there were no tracks leading me to you."

Clever, kid. So then we went with Grandma to the store and both kids were fantasticly patient and well-behaved until we went to walk to the car. Dylan started dragging his feet and weighting himself down as we crossed the street so my mother and I ended up carrying him by the arms as he laughed. He asked if we could go to another store and when I told him that he was fresh and there was no way I was taking him elsewhere he replied, "I'm sorry I was dragging my feet, but my shoes weren't working."

I swear, he's going to put me in an early grave when he's a teenager.

This morning Sean let me sleep in and I woke up at 9:30 to a half-naked three-year-old sitting on my pillow, butt in my face, playing the xylophone. "Beautiful music!" I exclaimed. He smiled and explained to me that I needed to stretch before I went downstairs and then he said, "You're my favorite girl in the whole world." But he says whir-rold, all drawn out and southern. And then he held me close to his face and gave me a big kiss on the lips.

This afternoon he helped me make a fudge cake.


We plan on eating it tonight after dinner with our caramel sundae ice cream. Life is amazing.