Sunday, December 22, 2013

Milestone: The first night our 3yr old and 10 month old share a room

Their room is dark save for the blue glow of a night light and Kate's crib mobile with the swinging monkey. I'm sat in the hallway on the floor with my back against the wall watching the two of them spend their first night in their room. Kate is standing up, holding onto her crib rails, babbling.

Dylan says, "Shhh. You should be asleep, Newy."--he calls her by her nickname, Newy, because she is our new little wee, his Newy--"Don't make a peep, Newy." I have to hold back my laughter at how adorable he is as her temporary authority. He teaches her the rules of bedtime; her tiny teacher. I stay only a few minutes before Kate is fast asleep. I whisper to Dylan that I'm going downstairs and give him a kiss. He is so glad to share his room with his baby sister.

When Dylan was fifteen months old we transitioned him into his own bed in his own room and we struggled for months trying to get him to sleep because he was a breastfed co-sleeper and so he needed to learn to put himself to sleep without me. We'd put him in his big boy bed and sit on the couch in his room and put him back into bed each time he crawled out from under his covers. We spent almost an hour per night trying to get him to sleep at one point. Now his routine is simple and predictable: bath, brush, book, bed. He goes to sleep quickly and on his own now that he is older.

Kate is a pretty good sleeper but she doesn't like to be alone. She's accustomed to sleeping in her crib next to our bed and so when we put her up to bed at 7 she knows she is alone and immediately starts crying until we bring her downstairs with us. And then she naps on us for a few hours while we watch television and sometimes stays asleep when we transfer her into her crib and sometimes wakes up and then stays up for hours when we're ready for sleep.

Last night I decided that I would move her crib into Dylan's room today. He's been so excited at the prospect of sharing a room with Kate. The two of them adore each other. And she will sleep better when she finds her new bedtime routine.


I put them to bed early, they were both pretty exhausted and I wanted them to enjoy their first bedtime together. They had a bath and put on pajamas. We read books--Sean took these pictures--and talked for a bit about the day as we cuddled together.


I was back downstairs by 7PM with two sleeping happy babies. I feel like I should knock on wood or something at how great that first time putting them both to sleep went. I know it wont always be this easy. I'll keep you updated on their progress for those of you who are thinking about transitioning your kids into one room.


Grandpa George came over and celebrated Christmas with us today. Dylan was exhausted but Kate had taken a nice long nap and so she was ready to party. Dylan perked up a bit when he saw that HESS truck, though, and he loved showing Grandpa George his playroom and their new shared bedroom and our tree and the Christmas village and, and, and!

Kate was thrilled playing with the wrapping paper.


What a big day!


Kate just woke up crying. I went upstairs to find this:


And this:


My big boy is upstairs with his new roommate, his baby sister--his Newy--fast asleep, cuddling his new Hess truck and Kate is clapping and dancing. I gave her a bottle and she's hopefully falling back to sleep. It's going to take a while to get her on a 7PM bedtime but at least she's in good spirits. And luckily Dylan can sleep through anything.