Monday, December 23, 2013

And the winner is.....

Dylan picked the winner from the Montagne Jeunesse Clay Spa Giveaway tonight out of a bucket!

Ann is Dylan's lovely Great Aunt and I'm thrilled that she won because she and her husband have the same relationship that Sean and I do and the two of them are going to absolutely crack up at the sight of those masques. Maybe Uncle Jim will get in on the action and have a spa day, too! So congratulations, Aunt Ann! Montagne Jeunesse will be sending you your prize shortly. For the rest of you who entered--and all of you are dear friends of mine--thanks for playing along. I'll let you know when I do another giveaway.


Grandpa took the kids for me for a chunk of the day so I could get things ready for Christmas. Can I tell you a secret? I'm the world's worst wrapper. Presents look like they've been regurgitated after I wrap them. I attempted to wrap a ball for Kate and it came out looking like something you would accidentally find in the dryer. A hairball of wrapping paper. I just kept thinking how glad I was that my kids are still too little to care how their presents are presented. But anyway, thanks for taking them for me today, Pops, It's nice not having to be wrapping presents after they are sleeping.


Speaking of sleeping...we're still working on getting accustomed to the new sleeping arrangements of sharing a room. Dylan is doing just fine. He sleeps right through the noise. Last night Kate slept from 7-9PM, was up until 11:30, slept until 3 when she woke up for a bottle, woke up for the day at 6:45. So, not a great night of sleeping.


We put her up to bed at 7 tonight and both she and Dylan fell fast asleep. She woke up at 8 and has been crying since. I keep going in there to hold her and she calms down and then wakes herself up crying again. I'm letting her cry a bit to see if she tires herself out but I can't take much of it because I'm not a big fan of having her in there feeling afraid or abandoned. All right, I'd better go take care of my gal.