Saturday, November 9, 2013


Oh today was dreamy.  The morning was spent doing some serious cleaning: vacuuming the ceiling fan and dusting the tops of framed wall photos and the like. We danced around and threw away clothes we've worn holes through and thoroughly enjoyed the morning. Kate began calling for me whenever I left the room, she'd yell "Ma ma ma ma!" until I scooped her.  I melted. She's teething and needs extra hugs and I am happy to give them. Here's a little clip, not the best example, but you can hear a quick Mama-I'll try to get a clearer video soon:

We took a family walk to the town hall for a bottle and can drive for Dylan's school and I carried Katie in her wrap where she fell fast asleep on me and I spent some quiet time with my sleeping girl while Sean and Dylan ran errands. 


Later in the day, after we had some grilled cheese and tomato soup, I dressed Dylan in his feetie pjs and the two of us fell fast asleep for three hours. We woke up in a dark room feeling refreshed and cozy.


And for dinner we made ravioli and a strawberry bacon cucumber feta spinach salad. And we sat around the table listening to Ella Fitzgerald and Louie Armstrong and Sean and I danced while Dylan cheered.


Now I am writing from a steaming bath while drinking hot apple cider. I really don't think today could be any more perfect, but it's not over yet!