Saturday, November 2, 2013

I hit Publish at 3% power

We had a great Halloween!

Here is our obligatory pre-treating photo taken by Sean. I gave myself a fake beard this year--I was dressed as David Ortiz for the bajillionth Halloween--and no matter how hard I scrubbed last night I could not get that beard off before bed.


We trick or treated with Dylan's bff Joey in their neighborhood and since they live on a lake the houses are really close together and this made for lots of candy with not too much walking. The boys enjoyed themselves and did a lot of running from house-to-house.


We had a bonfire at our friends' house and came home to find our awesome neighbors on their porch making cotton candy! Dylan was so tuckered out that he ate a few bites of cotton candy and one small snack-size Milky Way and then went immediately to sleep.


Kate, However, was up until almost midnight standing in her crib and smiling at me.

I have to make this quick because I'm writing from our bed. Everyone else is asleep--Sam is snoring very loudly--and I only have 15% computer power. So if I want to avoid having to walk downstairs for the power cord I'd better hurry.

At a bunch of friends' requests, I started a blog of Dylanisms this afternoon. He is so funny and ridiculous that this stuff is worth putting in one place. These are some quotes from my Facebook statuses over the past year. I'll add to them as he thinks up this stuff.

Screen shot 2013-11-01 at 10.37.24 PM

I added a link in the toolbar at the top of this page for easy access.

What else. Oh! How about them Red Sox!!!!!!! I am so over the moon happy that we won the World Series!!! This is our third WS victory since Sean and I met and he likes to think that we've got something to do with their luck.


Sam was a total weenie, as always, and fell asleep in my arms early in the game. So we punk'd him. He loves to wear clothes so he kept this hat on for most of the game. When the Cards struck out for the final time Sean hoisted me in the air and we jumped up and down. Then we picked up Katie, who was still awake, and did a big family hug. So exciting!

Here is Dylan tonight before bed saying the Pledge of Allegiance:

He kept telling me to put my hand on my body for the Pledge. So cute! And here is a video of Kate laughing today as I tickled the heck out of her. I'm not sure why my phone decided to take sideways video, I apologize for the weird camera angles.

I took a bunch more video but I'll have to upload that some other time. G'night everyone!

Happy birthday in Heaven, Sandy. We love you and miss you like wild.