Wednesday, October 30, 2013

A dog, a giraffe, a chicken!

Today was Dylan's Halloween costume party at preschool. He was PUMPED. Couldn't wait to put his puppy outfit on this morning, sat real still for me to do his makeup.


Dylan's preschool shares the same parking lot with Dylan's grandma's apartment complex and so today Dylan and his class went over to Gramma's to go trick-or-treating! It's a retirement community and every year the residents put together little goodie bags and the kids put together a little show for them.

After naps Dylan requested to put on another costume and so we pulled out some of his old ones: a giraffe and the chicken suit.


We played outside for a bit and then decided to take a wagon walk around the neighborhood while listening to Pandora's Halloween channel.

(I think Kate's trying to talk)


Dylan started pumping his legs on the big boy swing when we came home. It seems as if these kids are doing something new and bigger everyday, Kate is now pulling herself up to a stand by leaning on the bottom stair.


Dylan is the spitting image of Sean as a boy. He does everything at his own pace and is a major daredevil. I have no doubts that there will be spills off of the big boy swings--and possible stitches--in our future.

Have a happy and safe Halloween everyone!