Monday, October 28, 2013

We're starting a squeak band

Three out of four of us fell ill this weekend with a cold. Dylan's lasted 24 hours, Kate's lasted 48, and by Sunday both kids were sniffly but energetic and poor Sean was hit hardest with the sickness. On Friday night Dylan slept from 7PM-2AM and that was it, he was ready for the day at two in the morning. I hadn't fallen asleep until midnight so I was running on two hours of sleep, so on Saturday I slept from 7AM-11AM and 1PM-4PM. Awake for two hours that afternoon. Sunday was more of the same and all four of us took a three hour nap to recoup. I always feel like I could sleep for days and this weekend we actually did it and that extra sleep felt like winning the lottery; glorious sleep.

And cuddling!


Katie mastered crawling this weekend and now not only is she crawling from room to room and getting into everything, but she is now climbing as well. She climbs on Dylan, climbs on her toys, pulls herself up to the piano on the fireplace to play. Suddenly she went from tiny army-crawling baby to near-toddler. Maybe it was all of that extra sleep.

And she is quite vocal now! I posted a video the other day where she was squealing a bit and my aunt mentioned that this was the first time she had heard Kate vocalizing. So here's a cellphone video from Saturday night just before dinner, crawling a bit and squeaking.

Sunday, even though Sean was miserably sick, found us out in the yard with a campfire. Sean and Dylan made a brick pad for the grill so that it has a nice dry place to weather the weather. Kate and I lasted a few minutes outside before going in and falling asleep. You can see she's still not feeling her best in this photo:


And then there was today. Dylan is healthy as a horse again, and Kate is nearly there, while Sean is still feeling pretty yucky. So Dylan went to school and Kate and I did a lot more cuddling, we did a little grocery shopping after the kids napped and then Sean was home from work again. Today went fast. The kids did a lot of playing and sleeping. I love how much they love each other.


And how easily he can make her laugh.


Now that Kate can pull herself up to reach things her and Dylan have been playing the keyboard a bunch. Before dinner tonight Dylan dragged one of my photography studio light stands over to where Katie was pretending to play a little Beethoven and sang into as if it was his microphone. I have no idea what he is singing. He's into this wants-to-be-a-rocker-or-a-garbage-man phase.

We had to make an impromptu run to the store on Sunday night for dog food and Sean made some comment about our fun car ride with our entire family singing to Take On Me. Dylan sings everywhere we go and happens to be on a Lady Gaga's Poker Face kick at the moment. Kate is already showing signs that she loves music as much as he does. I can't say I don't dream about one day starting a family band.


Fingers crossed for better health and great music!