Friday, October 25, 2013

Reliving childhood through the eyes of my child

We bought Dylan a new version of the lovable robot Alphie. This toy was the cream of the crop back in the 80s and Dylan is pretty into the newer Alphie, too.

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He especially loves the Alphie cards with the cars, trucks, buses, and trains on them. He yells out the answers because he thinks Alphie can hear him and I don't correct him when he calls Alphie "Raffi" because I think it's pretty adorable. We love Raffi's music, too.

I love hanging out with Dylan. I'm sure I'm biased because he is my kid, but I think I would want to hang out with him even if he wasn't. We pretty much spend our days playing with all of the things I loved to play with as a kid and I get to watch him love these old toys as much as I did.

We were in the car today listening to Dolly Parton's I Am Ready and after Dolly sang, "I am ready, oh my children, when Jesus knocks at my door" Dylan yelled from the backseat: "JESUS CHRIST!" He said it just like my grandfather would've and I laughed so, so, so hard.


I also bought him an adorable little crocheted teddy bear and asked him what he'd like to name him. Dylan thought about it for a minute and then said, "I want to name him Mouse Soup, like the book."


So tonight after beating me in a game of Candyland, Dylan tucked himself in next to Mouse Soup. I seriously love that boy.