Saturday, November 30, 2013

Choo choo!

I scored today. The train we bought last year to go around the Christmas tree was a fluke and it barely circled the tree three times before it broke entirely. I was planning on spending a bundle of money on a new train this year because I love having a train at Christmastime. Well today I found a train at Once Upon A Child for $6.50 and said why not. I figured if it wasn't great or didn't work I'd only be out $6.50. But when I brought it home and changed the batteries and set up the track and we turned it on, it was perfect. And Dylan and I jumped up and down and yelled with excitement! A train! How fun!

The train only came with one car, but it's a tanker car which is extremely exciting for Dylan. He quoted his favorite truck book, "Mom! Tanker cars carry milk, oil, gasoline, and water!" I'm glad that there are less cars to fall off the track.


I got a ton of Christmas shopping done this weekend and tomorrow Grandpa is coming over to play with the kids so that we can get a bunch more done. Hopefully we'll be 90% done by the end of the weekend. Dylan wants a battery powered ride-on--an ATV--for Christmas and the one he wants is only a 6V. We're thinking that he will get bored at such a slow speed so tomorrow we will hopefully find a better option. And we're going to hide it in his playroom on Christmas morning so that he opens all of his presents and then we can surprise him with the set of wheels he wants the most. Man, these weeks until Christmas are going to drag, I am so excited!!!