Sunday, December 1, 2013

Holy deals, Batman!

Originally, Dylan asked for an ATV for Christmas. He saw it in the Target flier in early November and decided that this "big machine" is what he was going to request from Santa.


And we were on board. He saw the real thing up at the cabin this summer and has been talking about big machines, as he calls them, since.


But then we thought more about this gift. It is only a 6V, which goes 2.5MPH. Dylan is a total daredevil. He might get bored. We read some more reviews and asked our friends who have ride-ons what they think about a 6V and the consensus was that we should get a 12V. So we were back to square one. I spent a chunk of the weekend researching these vehicles and we decided that we should spend the extra money and invest in a 12V machine. I found a double-seater dune racer which had incredible reviews, 4.7 out of 5 stars, and came highly recommended. Now to get Dylan to change his mind about what he wanted for Christmas.

I sat down last night with a YouTube video of this dune racer and curious Dylan came right over to see what I was watching. His eyes never blinked. "Can Dylan drive this?" he asked. "You want one of these?" I baited, "We could ask Santa if maybe he'd make you one of these, but it's very expensive and hard to make. Is this something you'd like instead of the big machine?"

He was hooked and we were glad because this is a vehicle that he can drive for years. It's designed for 3-9 year olds. And when we woke up this morning and Sean read the newspaper, he saw the very racer we were off to buy on sale for $209. Grandpa came over and we were on the road by 9AM to buy the dune racer.

We were worried since it wasn't in stock anywhere online that we wouldn't be able to find one and we practically ran to the ride-on aisle where the dune racer sat in all its glory. We had done it!


Since we had taken part in Target's Black Friday special--spending $75 to earn 20% off our next purchase--we had a huge discount on everything we bought this morning. We went grocery shopping as normal, bought Kate some formula and some sippy cups, bought the dogs new collars for their stockings, picked up some more gifts for the kids, scored the dune racer, and at the last minute decided to buy a bigger car seat for Dylan so that Kate can have his old one.

Total bill: $530. But with our 20% coupon and our RedCard savings of 5% off, plus the fact that this racer was $20 cheaper today on sale, we saved $150!!!!!! We bought groceries, a car seat, toys, formula, and a huge ass battery powered vehicle for $400. We practically danced with joy and the cashier was just as thrilled for us.

Grandpa recently moved into a new apartment which has a humongous storage area in the basement so we dropped off all of our loot at his place before coming home to show Dylan and Kate their new car seats.


Dylan loved his so much that he watched the entire Polar Express while sitting in his car seat in the living room. Kate seems pretty happy, too. She's getting so big. We're transitioning her to milk for New Years at her doctor's recommendation and so we're letting her have a bottle of milk a day in addition to all of her formula bottles and she is doing great! I can't believe that we'll be planning her first birthday party soon after Christmas.

I was looking at last December's blog entries last night before bed and I was in shock at how little Dylan was. He felt so big to me back then and he was just a baby, barely two years old. I want Christmas to get here because we are going to have so much fun, but I certainly don't want my babies to rush growing up. I want to soak in every second of them.