Friday, November 29, 2013

Christmas tree fail

Things don't always go as planned when you have two young kids. I'm always the most excited one in the family to get a tree the day after Thanksgiving. It's tradition. I always envision us driving to the tree farm--or since we support our local firefighters, to the parking lot of the firehouse--gleefully singing Christmas carols as a family, spending a long time picking our perfect tree, taking memorable photos of the four of us making wonderful Christmas memories. I picture this perfect outing every year.

Instead, Sean had to hurry to work so we had 45 minutes to get our tree, he complained about every Christmas song which played through the CD player, the boys had their tree picked out within seconds, neither child even glanced at my camera, the fireman had already cut the bottom of the tree seconds later, Dylan threw a fit because we made him sit in his car seat instead of letting him help us put the tree on the top of the roof, and we were home within ten minutes. Ho ho ho.


We had a lot of fun decorating the tree, though!

I was up all night with both kids. Kate was up until midnight and woke Dylan up and he was then up until 1AM, Kate woke up at 2AM, and both kids were awake and ready for the day at seven. So as Katie was napping just now, I fell asleep on the couch. Dylan watched Charlie Brown and played quietly so that I could sleep. I felt him climb onto the couch with me and then he lifted my head and put it on his shoulder and comforted me. It was the most heart-melting moment. He's such a sweet boy.