Tuesday, November 12, 2013

And I think I'll sleep well with that conscience

Sean was right. This morning before he left for work I told him that my new computer was scheduled to be delivered today and he jokingly said to Dylan, "Oh! Say goodbye to your mama because she's getting a new computer and she's going to be glued to it all day." And I've been sitting in front of this darn thing for nearly two hours, just as he predicted. It takes forever to rebuild the system I had with my older MacBook--reinstalling Photoshop and Picasa and Xee and Garageband and Firefox and all of those bookmarks and preferences.

At least I did a lot this morning so I don't feel so guilty for sitting on my butt for hours. Kate slept in until 9:30 so Dylan and I did a bunch of laundry and cleaned up some of the kids' old toys to sell back to the secondhand store. We washed and dried Dylan's old exersaucer from his baby days in the bathtub with the sprayer and Dylan said it was like working at a car wash. And for an added bonus I let him dry it with the blow dryer. I was surprised at how much fun we had getting rid of stuff we no longer use and making money as we freed up some space.

Dylan woke up thrilled because IT. WAS. SNOWING!!!! He was ready to get dressed and build a snowman and go sledding and shovel the driveway and, and, and...! Here's how much snow we had:


I kept explaining to Dylan why we could not sled in that little snow accumulation but he was convinced that we sure could sled in any amount. By the time we picked up Gramma to spend the day the snow had completely disappeared and since she had slept in she had missed it entirely: "The weathermen said it was supposed to snow today."

We started watching Orange is the New Black last night. It's good! Not as good as Breaking Bad, but still good. Lots of sex and nudity but still a good plot line. We also signed up for Hulu Plus on top of our Amazon Prime and Netflix subscriptions. This whole no cable thing is a breeze, we don't even miss out on much and we save $100 a month, which pays for more than half of Dylan's preschool tuition. We're going to buy a new car soon and the extra cash and--more importantly--extra time spent not watching mindless shows comes in handy.

In awesome news, I called town hall today about the dog hoarding problem next door. I've been thinking about whether or not I should bite the bullet and report our neighbors for months now and as soon as I decide that I can handle the vicious little barky rat dogs they add another dog. I counted six at once today and I've seen as many as eight. So. As much as I'd like to be friendly with my neighbors and as much as I think I can tolerate all of the barking because, hey, I've got three dogs, too, and I understand that dogs bark, eight--six even--dogs is too many. When I spoke to the town clerk's office they asked for the address and when I gave it to them the woman said, "Hmm. They don't have any dogs at [insert address]." and I'm pretty sure I laughed aloud and said, "They have at least six." None of them are registered. I felt better calling after I spoke to the first lady, and then the second. These dogs aren't living, they are existing. Their owners are never home and they never get walked and all of them are aggressive. Dog hoarding at its best.

I then called my other neighbor who is pretty much the best neighbor ever and the two of us did a little over-the-phone party dancing. And if I had the phone number of the neighbor on the other side of the dog hoarder's fence we probably could've conference called a conga line. We're all tired of the unending barking.

So now that I've spent entirely too much time on the computer, I'm going to shut it off and bathe the kids and put them to sleep and then cuddle up with my handsome husband. And maybe watch some Orange is the New Black.