Wednesday, November 13, 2013

Reset button Wednesday

You know these kind of mornings. The mornings when your baby is still fast asleep at 8:40 and you have to rip her out of her crib to jam her into her car seat in order to get your preschooler to school by 9AM. And the mornings which find your son running to the bathroom to sit for ten minutes when we are already late instead of heading out to the car. And then you look at the clock as you pull out of the driveway and it says 8:57. And those traffic lights turn red one by one as you crawl to that school, even though no one is coming in any other direction, and you contemplate blowing a light because c'mon, Universe, no one is on the road but me. But you don't blow the light because you've got your two hearts in the back seat and you'd rather be late for school than pulled over for breaking the law, or worse.

But you get him to school just as the bell rings and your friend watches the baby in the car so you don't have to take her out in the cold to drop off the boy.

Although you find that the dogs have eaten an entire tin of gourmet pumpkin donuts when you get home.

And this kind of morning was preceded by the kind of night when your baby wakes up every ten to fifteen minutes because her teeth hurt and she wants to sleep with her bottle in her mouth all. night. long. but that bottle falls out of her mouth constantly and she wakes up and cries. And the kind of night where suddenly, at 1:44AM, your big chubby white dog decides to get off of his spot on the couch in your room--yes, he sleeps on a couch--and scratch at the door to go outside. And when you get out of bed to let him out he decides to jump into your spot on the bed instead because he doesn't really need to go out, he just needs a pillow. So you drag him downstairs and outside anyway because this is what he asked for and this is what he'll get just in case he really does need to go. And it is freezing outside and so you're crouching by the fireplace to keep warm at two in the morning after you haven't slept more than a few minutes at a time all night.

But now is the kind of morning where it's warm and cozy in front of the (fake) fire and Katie is in her bouncer wearing mismatched socks and an elf hat because it's almost close enough to Christmas to wear elf hats. And you have to watch her like crazy because she learned how to climb stairs last night, even though she only started to crawl last Saturday, and you're sure that any day now she will be heading off to college.