Friday, September 13, 2013

Running on empty...running on...

Okay, I give up. We're down to the last half hour before Sean is home for the weekend on a week where the sickie two-almost three-year-old was awake pretty much every hour every night since last Friday. He's feeling much better now and I'm feeling absolute exhaustion.


Kids are like Energizer bunnies.


I put on a movie and the two of them are creating a very loud, very chaotic environment in the living room. I'm fine with it as long as no one smashes their head into a wall by mistake, and there have been a few near misses as Dylan is being Tarzan in Katie's doorway bouncer. You're on your own to fend for yourselves, kids, Mama is tuning out until Daddy gets home.

Not only did Dylan sleep terribly all week and burn up a ton of energy at school this morning, but he also helped Grandpa install new stairs out back.


Seriously, he's not tired? I'll have what he's having. I'm looking forward to early bedtime tonight and having my love home to help out so I can get some shut eye, too.

My endocrinologist's office called and said that my bloodwork came back with an even lower TSH result than two weeks ago and so they are putting me on a lower dose of thyroid hormone to raise my levels. Technically I am extremely hyperthyroid but my body is strangely acting hyPOthyroid instead--I'm starving for energy. Thank God for my father-in-law who is always here to help me when I have health issues. He's here taking the kids faster than I can get off the phone with him. He says, "Put your feet up, take a nap, relax." I'm so so so lucky to have him. We all are. My mother is the same way. I know that if I don't feel well I can bring the kids over to her and she'll watch them for me so I can rest.

At this point I am just tired of being tired. I'm tired of saying, "I'm tired", writing "I'm tired". I'm optimistic that when my TSH levels are raised I might start to feel better. I'm tired of thinking about cancer and the side effects. I'm tired of taking giant horse pills. I'm tired of feeling eighty. I'm tired of falling over because I can't make my legs work. I'm tired of losing my hair.

So I'm going to forget about being tired. I'm looking forward to spending the weekend with all of my loves, including this weenie:


No matter how hard of a week I've had, when the weekend comes everything is right with the world. I always tell Sean that my love tank is filled over the weekend and starts draining every Monday when Sean goes back to work. By Friday I am craving our family to be together again and my metaphorical gas light is flashing. As soon as Sean walks in that door on Friday night life gets a million times easier.

And would you lookie here...guess who just walked in the door!