Sunday, September 15, 2013

And the flu moves to baby number two


This one caught Dylan's flu bug and has been in tears all day after being awake all night coughing. Although now, at 7:30PM she is starting to get her color back and she is smiling again.


We've had an awesome weekend. Yesterday was family fun day at the local fairgrounds and we met up with Dylan's BFF and our friends for a day of animals, bubbles, books, and bounce houses.


We decided not to replace the bathroom cabinet after it fell off of the wall and instead I hung a big mirror that I've loved but haven't been able to find a spot for over the years. Since I was awake early after being up all night with miss Kate I was out on the road before 7AM buying paint at Lowes to redecorate the bathroom. My poor husband; I love to redesign our house. But the sun was rising and the heat was warming my cold fingers and suddenly two hot air balloons popped up over the horizon. It was the most gorgeous morning.


When I came home the kids and Sean were listening to music and the four of us danced around the house. My favorite moments were when Sean danced with Katie around the kitchen to Wonderful Tonight and around the living room to My Girl, and when Dylan and Sean chased each other around the kitchen island for a good twenty minutes.



So it was early to bed for this little boy and Kathleen is still up and cuddling with her daddy.


Dylan feels well enough to go to school tomorrow but I don't think Katie will be up for going to Mother Goose.


Since we cut cable we've started watching Breaking Bad. What an awesome show! I've gotta admit I get a bit nervous watching it because it's all about breaking the law and I'm a total sucker for following the rules. That is such a weenie sentence but it's totally true. My heart jumps from my ribcage and hides behind the couch every time someone gets pinched. I can't believe we're so late to the Breaking Bad fad, I wonder what other great shows we've been missing out on.


So that's the weekend in a nutshell!