Thursday, September 12, 2013

And I still have all ten toes!


I'm thinking I should play the lottery today.

I've been showering in our upstairs shower since Dylan was 7 months old because our bathtub in our downstairs bathroom was a nightmare. It had all of these little tiny tiles that we would caulk and they would collapse in on themselves and the caulk would crack and water would get behind the tub. So I never showered downstairs, it was too much of a pain to have to keep caulking it. Last weekend I decided to take a new approach and remove all of those tiny 2" tiles that lined the tub and recaulk the tub without them. It doesn't look as fancy as before but now it actually does its job and I'm no longer afraid to shower in there for fear that the water might seep through the caulking.

This morning I was thinking that now that we can shower in our downstairs tub again, we should get a bigger cabinet behind our toilet which holds towels and has more storage. I thought, "I wish we didn't have that cabinet already so I can get a new one."

So we went to the park this morning. The kids lived in the dirt while we were there, Dylan poured it on Kate's head and Kate ate handfuls. They had a blast.


When we came home, Grandpa came over and played with them in the backyard where they had even more fun in the dirt.

And so a bath was very much needed, which brings me to the reason I need to play the lottery.

I bathed Kate and dressed her and put her in the other room and then it was Dylan's turn for a bath. I went looking for a new washcloth in the cabinet above the toilet and, while barely touching it, the cabinet fell off the wall and landed half on me and half on the toilet. It sliced three of my toes and my shin but luckily none of the glass broke and the toilet didn't crack from the weight.

I was shocked. Dylan was screaming. My foot was bleeding. And all I could say over and over was Are you kidding me?! What are the odds that I had wished that I could replace the cabinet over the toilet on the same day that it fell off of the wall after being there for as long as we've owned this house!


I'll tell you a secret: I was awake at 1:11 this morning with a sick Dylan who was still pulling a 101.7 fever for the sixth night in a row and I wished that his fever would go down today. I know you're supposed to wish on 11:11 or something for superstition so I figured 1:11 couldn't hurt, too. His fever was down to 98-99ish today which is a welcome change from the 100° + that he's been struggling with all week. So I'd like to think my wishes are coming true; a healthy boy and a new bathroom cabinet.