Thursday, August 29, 2013

So I vacuum my dog...

Life with three dogs and two kids is never easy and always fun. Take cleaning, for instance. It's impossible for me to get anything done without someone tagging along or needing me for something. So basically I attempt to clean pretty much all day everyday and if I get anything at all accomplished I am proud of myself.

Like vacuuming. Our dog Sam is terrified of our large vacuum--something to do with the pushing motion of the vacuum, he is the same way with the lawnmower--and so in between full floor vacuuming I use this tiny little Dirt Devil vacuum. Sometimes three times a day because Jasmine sheds so incredibly much. Sam doesn't mind the Dirt Devil at all and Jasmine loves it. She stands next to me until I turn the vacuum on her. Disclaimer: it does not hurt her at all, I tested it on myself before I ever tried it on Jazzy. Jasmine loves to be groomed and will sit there for hours as I brush her or give her a haircut and the vacuum is no exception.

I set the camera up on a tripod a few minutes ago to capture what it's like to vacuum in this house. Dylan hit his head twice in the span of five minutes and of course I had to vacuum Jasmine as well as the floor.

Poor kid. He had just hit his head prior to this blow which is why I was holding him in the very beginning of this clip.

Here's another video of Jasmine getting vacuumed. She also runs into the bathroom when I run the blow dryer because she enjoys that, too.

I swear, I can't make this stuff up.