Friday, August 30, 2013

Hide and Seek and Poison Control.

I wish you could see our games of hide and seek lately. Dylan loves playing except he needs someone else to hide with him or else he tags along with the seeker who happens to be looking for Dylan. But Dylan giggles when you pretend to look for him. Is Dylan in the bathtub? Is Dylan in the closet? Is Dylan in the microwave? He thinks we are hysterical.


Sean and Dylan ran upstairs just now and hid under our bed, which was a great hiding spot and I probably wouldn't have found them except that Jasmine decided to hide with them and so I saw a golden retriever butt sticking out from under the bed with a very waggy tail.


Hide and seek is NOT as fun when it involves my Synthroid thyroid replacement hormone medication. Little precocious Dylan climbed up onto the counter and opened my pill container. Two pills were missing. Total freakout. He said he ate them and then he said he didn't eat them and then he said he threw them and all the while Sean and I were searching the kitchen on our hands and knees. And Dylan--king of hide and seek--told us that the pills were hiding.

I called poison control just in case he did eat them and the woman audibly smiled as she told me that children getting into Synthroid is actually very common because they taste a bit sweet and that if he swallowed two pills we have absolutely nothing to worry about. Phew.


Here is Dylan pretending to take Katie for a spin this morning.

That kid can't wait to get his license.



And baby cheeks. That is all.