Friday, August 30, 2013

Recording my symptoms

I don't want to turn this into a thyroid cancer blog, but I like to be able to surf through my past blog entries to revisit how I felt during my medical journey. 

For instance.  I just read back to June to find out what my levels were at when I felt my worst. My TSH was a 3. To keep cancer from spreading TSH is ideally kept at a .1 for the first few years after treatment.   But having a TSH of 3 felt horrible and I had just dropped from a severe hypothyroid state in preparation for RAI treatment in which my TSH measured 112. To put that into perspective, anything over a 5 is hypothyroid. 

I'm lying here in bed in crippling pain.  From my shoulders to my fingertips and from my knees to my toes.  It feels the way bones feel after you break them and they get that dull ache when the weather changes. Except I feel it in all four of my limbs. And when I get out of bed I am hunched over in a ball as I try to get my feet to work. What. the. heck.

I had labs drawn this morning but I won't know the results for another week because testing Tg takes a while.  I lowered my synthroid dose this morning because I suspect that now I am hyperthyroid. 

This is so odd. I can be fine and walking around one moment and the next I am in so much pain that it hurts too much to sleep. 

I keep saying that all I need to do is hold out a few more days before my results come back and then we can adjust my medicine accordingly. I felt this same way back in June and I was running miles around the lake for all of July.  Am I going to go through these painful periods often?  Because I'd like to be able to learn how to treat them. 

Just a few more days. Maybe tomorrow I'll wake up with a bunch of energy again.  That is, if I ever get to sleep. ;)