Saturday, August 31, 2013

Ross Perot and the Chicken Suit

We noticed that Dylan had a red ear yesterday after Sean came home from work and it continued to swell to three times its normal size by the middle of the night. This morning we brought him to the doctor since Benedryl and ice wasn't helping and it was actually more swollen when he woke up. Our favorite doctor just happened to be working the Saturday hours and so we were glad to see him and hear that Dylan's swollen ear was nothing to worry about.

Look at this poor kid's ear...


The verdict is that it is a bug bite or sting of some kind and Dylan is just having a reaction. This kid is acting like nothing happened although he acknowledges that it is extremely itchy for him. Dylan has extreme willpower when he wants to and doesn't scratch it. This is the kid who sucks on Tic-Tacs until they disappear without chewing them. I gave him a gumball once and he sucked on it for thirty minutes before I realized he wasn't moving his mouth. He does have a weak spot for Tootsie Roll pops though, those he chews immediately. So he's been playing all day as if nothing was wrong.


Kate is 194 days old!!!!! This is significant because Dylan wore THEE Chicken Suit (which deserves to be capitalized) on his 194th day of life and so I've been waiting for this day so I can put it on Kathleen. My poor kids. But how freaking cute is the chicken suit!

Dylan is on the left in all of these and Kate is on the right:

The Day 194 chicken suit2The Day 194 chicken suitThe Day 194 chicken suit1

This blog entry is dedicated to my dear friend Katie P who is a bigger fan of the chicken suit than anyone else I know.