Thursday, August 29, 2013

Hello, thyroid.

I called my endocrinologist this morning to request a thyroid panel. My levels are off and I'm quickly regressing into the sorry state I was in last June. I started having soreness in my feet last week when I woke up which could be compared to how your feet feel after standing for 24 hours, a weird ache and difficulty walking. I was afraid to carry Kate downstairs in case my legs gave out. I had a racing heartbeat last night which is another sign that my levels are off, and for the past few days I've had dull pain in my arms and legs and numb hands and feet. If you touch me, I bruise.

These symptoms really scared me back in June because I thought something was seriously wrong. Except as soon as my doctor upped my thyroid hormone dose I instantly felt better. So now I know to call before the pain and fatigue get worse and hopefully a small adjusting of medication will make me feel better.

I crawled upstairs and into bed last night feeling so ungodly sore that I couldn't bear to stay awake any longer. Ding ding ding! Time to call the doctor.

And secretly I'm excited to have my levels checked again so they can tell me if the cancer is spreading or--fingers crossed--not spreading. We want to walk Dylan to his first day of school on Wednesday so my goal is to feel better by then so I don't have to be the one getting pushed in the stroller. Pops is coming over today to help me out with the kids so I can take it easy. I really don't have the strength to carry anyone at the moment and luckily their grandpa is more than happy to snuggle up.

So there is no reason to worry until there is reason to worry. All I need is to have my trusty doctor look at my TSH and calcium and tweak--not twerk--them so that I can feel better. Sean says I just need to go running to feel better. If I could gather the strength to lift my arm or move my legs, maybe I'd go running. I'm going to set my sights a bit smaller and work on finding the energy to walk first.