Sunday, June 9, 2013

Use Woolite to get your tile grout clean!

I saw this method on Pinterest and immediately wanted to try it out for myself. Our upstairs shower needed a good cleaning and although I scrub it down with a bathroom cleaner, the grout never seems to get clean.

Here are the gross before pictures of our shower grout:


The magic of the Interwebs recommended Woolite foaming carpet cleaner, but I only had Woolite pet spray carpet cleaner.


You should see how clean the shower tiles look now! I didn't even let the Woolite soak in very long, I just sprayed it on, scrubbed it with a hard bristle brush, and voila!

The after photos:


I was so impressed that I rushed to the store to buy another bottle to clean our kitchen floor.


I was not paid for this blog entry. These experiences are my own and I wanted to share them with you.