Sunday, June 9, 2013

Adventures in potty training


This may be TMI if potty talk offends you.

We've learned to pee freely in this house with the bathroom doors open unless we have company, and sometimes even then depending on the company.  OKay, that last part is a lie but ask me about college living sometime. 

For months Dylan has been working on potty training.  We haven't technically started having him use the potty yet but we do encourage it and will push him a bit more when he's ready.  He started using the big boy potty when he was about a year and a half, running around the house bare-bottomed and sitting on a kid potty in the hallway.  We'd give him an M&M if he went and so go he did. 

I taught him how to pee on a tree in the yard this week and he was totally pumped.  He thought being able to see his pee stream outside of a diaper was so neat!

Today was a new milestone in potty training.  He saw Sean standing up next to the potty doing his thing (sorry for blogging about that, sweetheart) and quickly ripped off his diaper to stand beside his daddy. Two boys and their toilet bowl.

I believe I also experienced something like this at a college party but that is neither here nor there.  

Dylan barely reaches above the rim so he stood on his tiptoes trying to be just like Sean.  I don't usually find toilet scenes cute but this definitely made my day. 

I'm not quite sure where to go from here. Dylan has to be fully potty trained before he goes to preschool in the fall, but I like letting him do it at his own pace.  Maybe we'll do the three day no diaper training soon and see how he does.   If any of you experienced mamas have any potty training tips, please send them my way. I'm open to all ideas if it means I only have to change one kid's diaper instead of two.