Monday, June 10, 2013

Dar William's Iowa Lyrics and Chords

This is one of my favorite Dar William's songs.  I learned to play it when I was seventeen, the year I was given my first guitar, and because I had no idea what I was doing I learned it in the key of C although I think Dar plays it in a different key using a capo.

So here's how I play it:

Intro:  C G Am F C G C 
C                G          Am 
I've never had a way with women
F                  C          G            C        G
but the hills of Iowa make me wish that I could
C                               G        Am 
And I've never found a way to say I love you
       F                C       G     C         G 
but if the chance came by, oh I, I would
         Am                         F              C
But way back where I come from, we never mean to bother,
           F                               G
We don't like to make our passions other people's concern,
        C             G            Am
And we walk in the world of safe people, 
        F             C       G          C       G
and at night we walk into our houses and burn.

 C       G       Am       F        C     G      C       G
Iowa oh oh oh, Iowa oh oh oh oh oh oh oh I, Iowa  (x2)

C                G          Am
How I long to fall just a little bit 
    F                C          G            C        G
to dance out of the lines and stray from the light.
       C            G                Am
But I fear that to fall in love with you 
       F           C           G       C         G 
is to fall from a great and gruesome height.
      Am                         F             
So I asked a friend about it, on a bad day, 
her husband had just left her,
     F               G
She sat down on the chair he left behind. She said,
          C           G       Am         F              C                  
"What is love, where did it get me?  Whoever thought of love 
    G            C        G
is no friend of mine."

 C       G       Am       F        C     G      C       G
Iowa oh oh oh, Iowa oh oh oh oh oh oh oh I, Iowa  (x2)

<best verse ever>
       C                G          Am        F           C        
Once I had everything, I gave it up for the shoulder of your driveway 
         G               C          G
and the words I've never felt.
         C                  G              Am
And so for you I came this far across the tracks, 
    F                C             G      C (silent)
ten miles above the limit and with no seatbelt and I'd do it again
    Am                                 F                 C
For tonight I went running through the screen doors of discretion
      F                               G
For I woke up from a nightmare that I could not stand to see,
     F               C          Am       C        F      
You were a-wandering out on the hills of Iowa and you were not thinking 
of me.

 C       G       Am       F        C     G      C       G
Iowa oh oh oh, Iowa oh oh oh oh oh oh oh I, Iowa  (x3)