Saturday, June 8, 2013

Good fortunes

We sat around the dinner table last night eating our Chinese food (Sean's favorite) and Captain Crunch cereal (mine) and reading off our fortunes. I looked down at the table and noticed four fortune cookies. Sean had grabbed one for baby Kate. I commented to him about how sweet that was that he thought to get a fortune cookie for Katie and he said, "Well, we're a family of four! Of course she gets one!" Oh he is so sweet and thoughtful.

I read mine first, "To be optimistic and be proven wrong is better than to be pessimistic and be proven right". Dylan's was pretty lame and said something like "I'm taking a nap...yes, cookies sleep, too." Sean's said "It is easier to be critical than to be correct" which I liked because there's a lot of wisdom in that statement, that we should sit back and not act as if we know everything, because we don't. Kathleen's cookie said, "Your future is bright." I hope so.

On the back of our fortune cookies there was a learn Chinese section. Mine instructed on how to say "to catch a cold" which I am hoping is not in my immediate future. Sean's lesson, which was laughable and very fitting, said, "beer."