Wednesday, May 29, 2013


I'm tired of complaining. 

The first thing I said to Sean this morning was, "My body hurts." and I immediately wanted myself to stop talking.  I feel like I have to tell my husband every time I don't feel well so he doesn't just think I'm being lazy but even I don't want to hear myself complain anymore. 

I was surfing through one of my cancer support group forums and several people were mentioning that they didn't feel well after having RAI treatment because it takes so long for our bodies to decline out of that severe hypothyroid state.  I have to get my body from a TSH level of 112 down to a 0.1. I don't expect it to drop overnight but I didn't think I'd feel this weak.  I get tired simply putting my hair in a ponytail or giving the baby her bottle. My legs feel as if they weigh a billion tons, they are painful and bruising any time I bump into something. 

I'm lying in bed hoping that the kids will take a nap because I simply don't have the strength to move anymore. 

Ah, the joys of cancer.