Monday, January 28, 2013

Little singer, Little Chef

Dylan has been absolutely hilarious lately. He makes me laugh all day long with the things he comes up with. My favorite quote of the day was this:

Me: "I'm going to go feed the dogs, bud."
Dylan: "Well, I don't see why not, Mama!"

And later when I came out of the bathroom he had my phone in his hand and had dialed up Siri. I heard him say, "Text mobile". Thankfully, Siri doesn't understand his two-year old accent so he didn't end up sending any text messages but I couldn't help but be proud that he is such a sponge. We watched a kitchen show and he was calling out orders like the chefs on the line did. Sean and I had to hide our laughter.

Sean and Dylan cook dinner occasionally and they love to do the dishes together. Sean calls Dylan Little Chef.

Here's a video of them from tonight:

He's also killing me with cuteness. Suddenly he says that he wants to cuddle with me about twenty times a day and he squishes his little cheeks against mine and gives me a giant squeeze. He begs for me to lie in bed with him and when I give in he falls asleep with his face in mine and his little arms around me. I'm literally melting from the sweetness.

I told him today that when Katie is born I will have to go away for a day or two and he said, "I come with you?" Oh man.

At this point I am just pushing (ha!) for a healthy, normal, quick, labor so that I can get out of that hospital as soon as possible. I'm praying I don't need a c-section should something unexpected come up because I don't think I could handle being away from Dylan for another four days again.

But I know I'll look back on these videos from today and smile hard. Here we are singing together this afternoon. Dylan didn't nap today and you can see he's barely awake. I love that he sings Dolly Parton. He sings this song in bed when he can't fall asleep and he only knows two lines so he sings them on repeat.

When he went up to bed tonight I took the most invigorating bath. I washed my hair and scrubbed my belly with lovely-smelling body wash. Most importantly I took deep breaths and let the heat soak into my lungs and it was absolute heaven. Heaven.

Confession: I totally shoveled the driveway tonight. I wanted to have it done for Sean before he came home from work because he just works so hard and deserves to come home and relax. So far I feel just fine and didn't break my water or put myself into labor. Yet. The snow was light anyway.