Tuesday, January 29, 2013

I parked here.

For my last pregnancy I was so incredibly sick for four months that getting out of bed was a struggle--unless I was running to the bathroom--and most days I couldn't get out of bed. So when I had to run into a store for some milk and whatnot I looked for the closest parking spot because I knew I had about ten minutes before I'd start dry heaving in the aisle. I parked in every possible designated "mother-to-be" spot, even before my bump was visible because truthfully, I didn't care whether anyone challenged me or not, I was focused only on not barfing.

With this pregnancy I have felt like unicorns and rainbows in comparison. Nauseated on occasion but nothing a stick of gum can't remedy. So I haven't had the need to park in the "mother-to-be" space. Hasn't crossed my mind.

Today I saw it in front of the empty shoe store and thought, why not. I parked in the spot and immediately took a picture. It's nice to have a little special treatment while pregnant, even if this time around it isn't so necessary.