Monday, January 28, 2013

Snow cream

A few weeks ago a friend mentioned that I should try to make something called snow cream. Basically homemade ice cream using snow. So, I thought this recipe was going to turn out to taste absolutely repulsive.

A shock: it tastes exactly like vanilla ice cream!

Here is our homemade ice cream, Paula Deen style.

We collected 8 cups of fresh snow using a casserole dish.  We had about 2-3" fall this morning so it was a perfect day for snow cream.

And all you need is 1 teaspoon of vanilla extract and 1 can of 14 oz sweetened condensed milk.

We measured out exactly 8 cups.

Dylan ate the leftover snow...he calls it "ice" and will eat buckets full if allowed. 

So here is the final product with the condensed milk and vanilla added.  I was afraid to try it but it actually tasted delicious.  Exactly like sweet vanilla ice cream.

And after we ate ice cream Dylan had a hot bath and enjoyed a cucumber by the fireplace.

All in all a beautiful snow day at our house.