Wednesday, January 2, 2013

A busy Wednesday

We woke up and built a fort in the living room.


I had an appointment with my midwife this morning so Dylan spent a few hours with Gramma Dee while I had my checkup and went shopping for a few things for Kate. The appointment went fine although I couldn't find a parking spot at the hospital so I ended up walking up that giant hill. By the time I reached the receptionist I was out of breath and exhausted.

I weighed in at 122.5 lbs, two pounds gained in two weeks. Since I started out underweight to begin this pregnancy my goal was to hit 140 by the time I delivered her. I made the same goal with Dylan's pregnancy and I made it to 137 lbs, but if I gain a pound per week and she comes on her due date I will only be at 129. I'm concerned about it, although my midwife is not, but she told me I could try getting extra calories by drinking part milk part Half & Half. That sounds absolutely horrible. Katie is measuring just fine, sticking her little butt out and kicking the midwife as usual. An uneventful pregnancy is a happy pregnancy.

And I am in full on nesting mode. I suddenly realized yesterday that she will be here next month and started doing all sorts of projects around the house. One of them being that I turned our aquarium stand into a window seat. I screwed some wood onto the top of the open aquarium frame and upholstered it with a glue gun while Dylan napped. He loves it to be able to sit and look out the window at trucks, I love it for toy truck storage below.


I bought Katie a new swing and bouncer today along with a few outfits. Dylan was very interested in all of the new baby items and so I brought up his old infant-to-toddler rocking chair from the basement and made a big deal out of it to let him know that he is just as important as the new baby. I can't wait to see the two of them sitting in their little chairs together.


Today has also been a boo boo filled day. Dylan pinched his finger this morning and sported a bandaid for a few minutes before peeling it off in true Dylan fashion. Tonight he was looking for Sean and fell off of the bottom step and bit his lip pretty good. He's not a crier so when he started screaming and doing that cry when he can't catch his breath we knew he was hurt. We scooped him up and his mouth was absolutely filled with blood. But after rinsing it out and giving him a bowl of snow he was just fine and it barely swelled.


I accidentally took my pills labeled Thursday Morning tonight and freaked out a bit. Apparently I have no concept of what day and time it is. So I doubled up on thyroid meds, heartburn meds, nausea meds, vitamin D, iron, and I still had to take my Wednesday Night medicine. So far I feel fine but I did worry for a few minutes about taking way too many prescription pills.

Everyone else is in bed so I guess I'll go join them. G'night all!