Thursday, December 27, 2012

Dancing through the clutter

Sean hooked me up with some super glue in my stocking this year and early this morning he decided that he was going to tear the house apart looking for anything that might possibly need a dab of super glue. He took all of the drawers out of the kitchen and glued the interior rails of our cabinets. While he cleaned and organized our numerous junk drawers Dylan and I danced around in the kitchen.

Dylan has been singing "Everybody down down down!" all week and I couldn't figure out what song he was trying to sing. I thought maybe he was singing Bruce Springsteen's I'm Going Down but Sean figured out last night that he is actually singing a song written by a very talented friend of mine, Phil Henry. This song is one of my favorites called Hold Up and obviously Dylan is pretty in love with it as well.

Please pardon all of the clutter and leftover Christmas boxes in this video, and if you like what you hear feel free to support local musicians and head over to Phil's website HERE and buy some of his music. This song is on his CD called Robots and Romance.