Monday, December 19, 2011

The first post

I wear flannel nightgowns occasionally. Flannel nightgowns are up there in the category of most unflattering article of clothing ever, tied with grandma panties. Tonight I handed the baby over to Sean and hopped in the shower. How great it felt to finally be able to wash my hair alone, without a small fourteen-month old boy in my arms! I soaked for a good long while, threw my hair in a towel, and reached in the closet for my old floral winter nightgown. I came downstairs to a husband cooking dinner and a baby watching from his highchair. No one mentioned my ugly nightgown.

I'm alone in the dark sitting at the kitchen table now. I need to escape the living room or else Dylan will try to claw his way to my computer to hit any and all keys. Sean is in the next room watching a game show where people fall through the floor. He knows the answer, he says, "It's ladyfinger." A sappy Folgers commercial airs and Sean responds, "Oh my god, shut up". This is why I love him. I told him tonight that our anniversary is coming up. He said, "Wow, three years already. What is that, like our 144 monthsiversary already?" Melt. It sure feels that way.

Christmas is in less than a week and I'm almost ready. Tonight I filled stockings and wrapped the rest of Sean and Dylan's presents. I wrote FROM SANTA on all of them. I wonder if someday Dylan will ask why Santa's handwriting matches mine. I can't help but think he will grow up to find the labels and wrapping paper in the closet and ask me why Santa doesn't exist. For now though, he is small. This Christmas will be the first that he'll understand the concept of waking up to find toys under his tree. But he's still too young to care what he gets. I plan on giving him a roll of toilet paper, too. He loves to sneak into the bathroom to unroll the T.P. so what better present than to actually let him do it. And I hear it might snow.

Sean, "This show is about people falling from the floor and this woman is like 300 lbs!"

I'm drawn to stop writing so I can go snuggle in front of this crap TV with my boys. Happy to be back to blogging. In my ugly nightgown.