Monday, December 19, 2011

Back so soon

I locked us out of the bathroom today. I locked the door to have a moment's privacy (which never happens once you have kids) and it must not have unlocked fully because when I went to open the door later, it stuck shut. Nothing would open that door again, and I tried everything.

Sean came home from work and opened it immediately for us. It must've needed someone with the magic touch. Or a testosteroned ego.

I'm sneaking away again to hop in the bath while the boys play trains in the living room. I'm cold blooded, I love hot baths.

I also love blogging.

Sean came up with the title for this, my 17th Blogger blog since 2002. Do some Googling, I'm sure you'll find others. Muggyman is Sean's latest nickname for Dylan. He's had a million: monkey, pickle, turducken, cutie patootie, toody, boo, muggins, hamster, turkey, and now muggy (muh-gee) or muggyman. I was going to call this blog GrammaPanties, but Sean said I should name it something more current. He suggested Muggyman or PeePeePotty, which immediately made Jasmine perk up and run to the door. I like the latter suggestion, but I don't want creepy potty-fetish readers stumbling on my blog. We had a good laugh, though.