Friday, February 14, 2014

My Fussy Valentine

One of Kate's top teeth has popped through the gum today so she's been extra sore and quite cranky. We played with snow when we woke up hoping that eating some would give her some relief. She didn't feel like smiling.


Dylan ran into his playroom and found a funnel and shoveled the snow into his cement mixer. He was thrilled that he thought of the idea and was highly entertained until his Tupperware of snow almost completely melted.


And when he was done he asked if he could do one of his favorite activities. Googling "trucks" and telling me that he wants pretty much all of them. Not the toy version, mind you, the reeeeeaaal life-sized trucks.


By ten Kate was insistent on taking a two-hour nap on the couch.


Can you see her? Me neither. She's under the green sleeping bag. Every time I uncovered her she hibernated deeper under the blanket.

She was much happier upon waking.


We painted a bit, made Valentines for Daddy, ate lunch, and Kate tried a sippy cup for the first time. She seemed quite proud to be drinking like a big girl.


We did a bunch of projects after lunch. I rearranged our bedroom. If I think to take photos later I'll post them. I'm a moron for doing it by myself. Yesterday I could barely walk. Today I felt pretty good so I decided to move a giant dresser, loveseat, and bed by myself. Way to take it easy. Also, two pieces of advice for those of you who are in the market for new furniture: never buy black, every little particle of dust shows up on it and you'll be forever dusting to keep up, and don't buy a canopy bed if you have dormered ceilings. Ours are barely dormered, slanted just about a foot, but it severely limits where I can put the bed and our taller furniture. If only I knew then what I knew now...

Here's a video of Dylan singing the opening to Garth Brook's The Thunder Rolls:

He's been so good today. Not perfect, but he's having to show lots of patience for being stuck at home with a mom who is too busy doing house projects to play with him. He'll be glad to have Sean home soon so they can play soccer in the basement.

And now that Kate's medicine has worn off, she's back to feeling miserable.


I'll have to run to the store to get her some more. There's no way I can expect her to go through this pain of teething without some sort of relief.

We'll be celebrating Valentine's Day tomorrow by stocking up on a ton of candy on sale. I can't wait to get stockpiles of chocolate. Happy Love Day, all!