Wednesday, February 12, 2014

Little Valentine Man

Today was Dylan's Valentine's Day party at school. He couldn't wait to go. Possibly because he heard that candy would be involved. The kids were instructed to wear white and red. Dylan requested to wear his dressy shoes and gel his hair.


He was also excited to present his teachers with the cards he made them.


Dylan spent nearly an hour making these fabulous cards for his teachers and he showed great patience as he traced his name and the teachers' names on the front of the cards. Dylan is a lefty and neither of us has figured out how the heck a lefty holds a writing utensil just yet.

D came home hopped up on sugar and very content. We dumped his cards on the table and read them together as Dylan scouted for candy in his pile of valentines. I had forgotten just how exciting Valentine's Day is when you're a child. So special.

We rushed outside after Kate woke up from her afternoon nap because tomorrow is calling for a big storm and we wanted to play on the swing set while we could still hobble through the snow.

Kate was able to try out her new-to-her swing.


It's half an hour before bed and the two peanuts are playing with a bucket of snow in the living room. They love to play with snow indoors. I think Kate's about to get her two top teeth, they are bulging pretty hard and she's chewing on everything.

So here in the north we are used to this kind of snow, but my heart is with all of my friends down south who are experiencing some crazy weather. Lots of people are stuck in traffic as motorists aren't prepared for this kind of weather. The Governor of North Carolina said today during a news conference, "Don't put your stupid hat on." I've got my fingers crossed that the power stays on for everyone, nothing is harder than freezing in your own home.

And just for fun, I love this picture:


The entertaining result of taking a three-year-old boy's photo as he rocks away on a rocking chair.