Wednesday, January 29, 2014

Policeman in the basement

Oh we are surviving the winter, just barely. Dylan made a police hat at school today and wore it until dinnertime. We sent a picture of Dylan to his Godfather, who is a real police officer, and immediately received a text message with a selfie of his Godfather wearing his REAL LIVE POLICE UNIFORM! I thought Dylan was going to burst from the excitement.


Kate screamed for hours last night and so we slept on the couch together yet again. If she is cutting teeth, I hope they come through soon. I gave her some medicine in the middle of the night and she woke up burning hot to the touch. Today she showed much improvement and I've got my fingers crossed that she will feel better tonight.


We spent most of the day playing in the basement.


This kid is dying to get outside. We all feel a bit like hamsters in a cage.

And Kate:

But guess what! This week is half over and then we will be arriving at February! Things are looking up.