Thursday, December 12, 2013

Shopping Spree!

Dylan and Kate received some spending money for Christmas and since we were all so stir crazy from being in the house too long with a hyper boy and a teething girl, I loaded them into the car for a special trip to Toys R Us.


Dylan has been begging to go to Toys R Us ever since the endless Christmas commercials started and when I told him that he had his own money and he could buy anything in the store within that price range, his face lit up. And would you believe we spent two hours at the toy store. He wanted to make sure that he saw everything and finally chose two trucks--a car carrier and a pipe hauler--after proclaiming that he was in love with these trucks to several fellow shoppers.


In other house news, it was time to rig a proper gate to keep Kate off of the stairs. I was chasing her a hundred times a day. She's pretty determined.


She knows she's not supposed to be on those stairs.

We've got plenty of gates, none that worked on a banister. So I set up a little system of zip ties and hooks. It worked perfectly!


Now she's off of the stairs but she won't let me put her down because she feels awful with those poor teef and so she cries and cries unless I'm holding her. I go through phases of loving that she wants to cuddle all. day. long. and needing to jump out of my skin because I have zero personal space. Both kids found their way into our bed last night and I found my way to the foot of the bed, my face level with their tiny feet. At one point today Dylan wanted me to carry him on my back like I do for Katie and Katie still needed to be held so I was walking around the house with two cute monkies on my front and back.

Needless to say I got zero cleaning done today. But we had fun dancing and reading and shopping and not climbing stairs.

Dylan is also wearing his overnight underpants because I didn't get much laundry done either.

But you should've seen how happy Dylan was today. He's upstairs asleep cuddling his new car carrier and Sean is playing with Katie so that I can have a few minutes to myself sans cute little baby in my arms. And this weekend is coming up fast with a big snowstorm predicted. I'll clean the house on Saturday.