Friday, December 20, 2013

School Pajama Day and Teacher Presents

He's been excited about pajama day at preschool since he first wore these feetie pajamas back in October. They have trucks on them, you see, and Dylan is alllll about trucks and so he wanted to show all of his friends that his pajamas have trucks on them.


Instead of a coat, he wore a bathrobe. We were given this awesome race car bathrobe by our friend Lisa who is always so sweet to think of us. It's still huge on Dylan but nothing that a little rolled-up sleeve couldn't fix. He thought it was the coolest thing ever.


On top of pajama day, today was also Show and Tell. Dylan brought his large plastic snake. He was hoping that his teachers would think it was a real snake, just as he'd hoped that our fellow shoppers at the grocery store would think it was a real snake a few days ago. Everyone at the store played along real nice, some patrons pretended they were very afraid. Dylan laughed and laughed at their reaction. Dylan said one of his teachers thought his snake was real, too.


We had a hard time figuring what to get his teachers for Christmas. We settled on gift cards and a poem.

christmas poem1

Dylan and I wrote this poem together and he elaborated a bunch about why he likes each of his teachers. I'm glad he loves school. It was a really fun, really adorable morning project. Gotta admit, I get a little sentimental reading it because I think of my little boy growing up and of all of the people in his life that will guide him as he gets older. When did my baby get so big? This year, preschool. And before I know it he'll be off to college, getting married, having his own babies.


In the meantime, he and Kate are playing in their playroom while I sit here on the couch with the pups. They love to play together and I can see them from where I am sitting but I'm still far enough away so they feel like they've got their independence a bit. What I wouldn't give for some nice REM sleep right now, the two of them took turns waking up last night. I think we're all going to stay in pajamas today. It's Friday, after all, and the weekend starts in just a few hours.