Wednesday, December 18, 2013

Joy joy joy

So Kate turned 300 days old.  On day 301 she had her first ponytail.  It was a bit eager on my part, but she looked so darn cute.


We had our third snowstorm of the week yesterday. I'm kind of loving getting stuck in the house with these cuties.


I also love that Dylan asked Gramma to do snow angels today and she rushed outside with him. Pardon the cellphone pictures.


Best grandma ever. I'm surprised that none of her elderly neighbors looked out a window and called 911 with the sight of her lying in the snow. It was fantastic.

We warmed up in the tub when we got home.


Kate ate bubbles.

And we bought a Christmas village. I'm not sure who is more in love with it, Dylan or me. He stands there watching it with this gleeful excitement in his eyes. When he went up to bed tonight he yelled, "Goodnight, Village!."

I think I might actually be sad when Christmas is over this year. All Dylan talks about is Christmas and Santa and lights and snow. He brought home a gift for us that he made at school, wrapped up for under the tree and ready for Christmas morning. I can already guarantee that the handmade present from our little guy is going to be my favorite gift this year.