Tuesday, December 31, 2013


Kate woke up this morning wanting to stand. She climbed on me as often as she could and used me to push herself onto her feet. She wants to stand. I'm so proud of my baby.

Not the best camera angle and if you notice Dylan mumbles "What the [expletive]!" He thinks that language is hilarious. I don't find it funny. He says he heard it at Jake's Wayback Burger and he knows better than to say it in my presence. However, if I call him on it he makes up fake words. Smart little spitfire.


The kids were in bed by seven and Sean is extremely sick and hasn't seen the ball drop in years anyway so I'll probably end up watching it alone if at all. I'm pretty beat myself.

So. Resolutions. I don't usually make them but this year I have one big one. I am going to feel healthy. My body hasn't worked at all this year but I'm slowly starting to feel better. And I'm going to keep feeling better. I should be going for my whole body scan in May to see how much cancer is left, if any, and I might have to go through the radiation again but I'm very hopeful that we got it all. I have my calcium levels under control now, which means my remaining parathyroid glands are recovering, and I'm taking so much vitamin D that I don't even mind winter. By this point I'm usually craving spring. My legs are not perfect but they're working. Things are seriously looking up. And I plan to stay on the up train.

2013. I gave birth to the most beautiful baby girl. I went through radiation and separation from my babies for a week. I lost a good friend to cancer. I welcomed two beautiful little nieces and one handsome little nephew. My baby boy started, excelled, and fell in love with preschool. And on the last day of the year our baby started standing.

Cheers to 2014!