Wednesday, November 27, 2013

The drained battery

I've been a bit absent the past few days because Kate got her hands (and mouth) on my computer charger, which thankfully wasn't plugged in at the time, and now it no longer works.  I'm fortunate that my mother has the same MacBook that I do and I have been going over to her house to charge my laptop but that leaves me very little time to do the projects I need to get done before Christmas--I like to make personalized photo gifts--plus go through Katie's day 365 photos, make our kitchen calendar, and still have enough computer energy to blog.  Ah, life without a computer charger. 

I'm currently writing this from my phone in the dark under the covers next to a sleeping Sean and a refusing-to-sleep Kate. 

So tomorrow is Thanksgiving, my least favorite holiday.  Somehow spending the day in the kitchen cooking a meal that we will then sit around the table for far too long eating and then will be so full and tired that all we want to do is sleep but instead we watch hours of football does not seem like my kind of holiday.  Maybe I'm especially harsh on Thanksgiving because it is my roadblock to Christmas. I love every second of Christmas until there isn't an ounce left to squeeze out of Christmas on December 26.  Sean hates that about me I'm pretty sure: I sing Christmas carols 23 hours a day for an entire month. 

Yesterday he broke his "no Christmas until after Thanksgiving" rule and let me decorate the house--minus the Christmas tree. 

I also bought Christmas sheet music and the kids and I have been playing carols on the piano and on Pandora. Dylan has also become a little obsessed with Handel's Messiah so he sings his version of the Hallelujah Chorus all day long.

I can't figure out how to embed video from my phone since this app doesn't allow HTML coding but this is the link to hearing Dylan sing Hallelujah a hundred times:

We keep Thanksgiving low key. My mother is coming over to bake with us and she has promised Dylan a game of Candyland.  The rest of the day will be for running and relaxing and hopefully watching the Macy's Thanksgiving Day Parade on TV.  

And now the baby is asleep so I'm going to join her.  Happy Thanksgiving everyone!  Enjoy your football and food and family!