Sunday, November 24, 2013

Dylan's new bedroom!

Before Dylan was born I decided to paint his room as dark as possible so that he would sleep well. Three years later and the darkness started getting to me. It was too dark and not at all fun for a little boy. So last weekend I got to work making Dylan's room more...Dylan. He loves cars and trucks and everything with wheels so I wanted to make him a car room. This makeover didn't cost much because I just repurposed things we already had, but it took me three long LONG days of working nonstop. Totally worth it though when Dylan would come in to see me and say, "Oh, this is so greeaaaaat! I love it!"

Here are before pictures of his room when he was 15 months old:


All four walls were that dark green color and his dresser was a dark cherry.

I painted two walls half white and added a road border. I had already painted one wall the light green color a while back. Here is the finished room:


His auntie Ann gave him that awesome truck bedding last year and the quilt was made for him before he was born by his auntie Sarah. We made the benches out of his old shelving units, you can see them in the before pictures, by turning them on their sides, nailing the shelves in place for support, and adding foam padding and fabric. Dylan loved making those with me. The headboard was part of an old hutch we've had for ages and the dresser is his old one painted.

Altogether for a total room redo I spent $15 on paint for five $3 sample sizes--I already had the chalkboard paint and a gallon of white--$5.99 for fabric, $6.99 for art, and a whopping $18 for a piece of foam. I was really proud of my budgeting until I bought the foam to make benches. But I wanted it to be comfortable and so I bought the expensive really cushiony filling. So less than fifty bucks.

Here's a very long video of him giving a tour: