Wednesday, November 6, 2013

"Fragile...Must be Italian."

If something breakable crossed my path today, I broke it.  This morning I was cleaning up my photography studio lights and backdrops from the Christmas card shoot we did yesterday and somehow managed to drop one of my studio lights. Fluorescent bulbs shattered absolutely everywhere across the den floor and I'm pretty sure my soul shattered a bit with them.  Breaking photography equipment is a terrible feeling. 

And then as luck would have it my computer crashed. I spent two hours trying to turn it on and kept getting a kernel error message saying to restart the computer.  Great. A computer that won't turn on.  I was bummed. I own a PC that has a broken fan and shuts itself off after a few minutes, an old windows laptop with a virus, a net book which has a broken keyboard and no use of the letters C or V and no working spacebar, and now a MacBook that won't turn on. 

Sean came home from work and unsuccessfully tried to get my computer to start, too, and then he did the sexiest thing a photographer's husband can possibly do and bought me a new computer.   With a 160GB hard drive. 

So I guess the day wasn't all bad.