Sunday, October 20, 2013

The shell of a woman

Friday was the one year anniversary of my thyroidectomy and as much as I felt accomplished and glad that I no longer have a giant tumor in my neck, I was defeated. I've been feeling so sick lately that I broke down in tears this morning when someone asked me how I'm doing. I feel as if I'm inhabiting a lifeless body and I cannot find the right balance of medications to make it better.


It sucks. Cancer sucks. Living without a thyroid is hard. But I'm so tired of hearing myself talk about not feeling well that I don't even want to write about it. Most likely the recent cause for my lack of blogging.

Sean is going to a father/son breakfast with Dylan at school tomorrow morning and I am so glad that I'll have two hours with Kate in our pajamas where we can just eat oatmeal in front of the boob tube and not have to leave the house.

Sickly or not, I'm always thankful that I've got these little ones to remind me to lighten up when life gets a little tough.


Sometimes it's impossible not to smile.