Tuesday, October 22, 2013

Hooray, Today!

Last night left much to be desired in the sleeping department. I crept into Dylan's bed at ten when he started to whimper from a bad dream, woke up to Kate crying for her bottle at 10:30, snuck back into Dylan's bed when he had yet another bad dream, woke up alone in Dylan's bed to the sound of Kate crying for her morning bottle at the ungodly hour of half-past-five, and since both Sean and Dylan were in our bed which is next to Kate's crib all four of us were wide awake at 5:30AM. I'm pretty sure I was fumbling around trying to find the reset button for today.


Today is turning out to be lovely. I'm exhausted, absolutely, but today is the first day in over a month that I don't feel sick (yet) to my stomach! I bought some lovely fiber mix that you stir into your drinks and I have not puked or crapped myself today. Hooray for small victories. I also have been abstaining from taking my thyroid drugs because my suspicion is that I am overly medicated which is causing these debilitating side effects. I am supposed to have very low TSH numbers for a few years so that my cancer cells don't grow back, but this low is too low. So a few days off of my meds, still taking all supplements, adding fiber, has given me this one very relaxing day in which to relax my stomach.

And since we barely slept at all last night both kids are doing this...


...I was even able to sneak in a short nap.


Yesterday was the father/son breakfast at Dylan's school. He was so excited for his daddy to come to school with him and was all like later, Ma! as they were heading out the door.


The kids sang songs for the dads and did crafts with them. Dylan absolutely froze on stage for all of the songs and seemed to have an extreme case of stage fright until the Chicken Dance came on and he let loose.

(He's the one in orange)

He obviously has inherited my dancing talents. Here's to dancing boys and good health!